Finding Construction Related Resources in a Virtual World

The school year ended a lot differently than most people anticipated. This included a shift to utilizing virtual based career learning activities. Given the nature of the sudden changes schools districts, and partners did well in adapting and offering their students valuable career learning opportunities. As we look forward to the start of the school year in the fall, there’s a good chance that we will still be operating in a virtual environment, which will continue to present challenges to schools seeking to provide work-based leaning opportunities and CTE teachers who need to provide hands-on learning activities.

To help career coordinators and construction focused instructors navigate this new reality, we have collected a variety of online resources.

General Construction Career Information
Build Your Future
Building Futures Magazine
My Work My Future 
We Are Generation T

Construction Career Pathway Information
Oregon Apprenticeship
Accessing Union Apprenticeship 

Videos and More
NW College of Construction Apprenticeship Videos
Skilled Trades: Construction Apprenticeship Foundations
Skilled Trades: Resumes and Portfolios
Build Your Future Video Series
Harbor Freight Tools for Schools
Generation T Virtual Shop Class

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you know of additional resources we can share or post on Build-Oregon, please send us an email.

Where to Find Construction Jobs

When asking AGC members in Oregon how they find new employees, the most common answer is word of mouth, usually through current employees. This makes it difficult for those that do not have industry connection to access entry-level jobs. Moreover, registered apprenticeship has historically been difficult for recent high schools graduates to obtain. The current average age of a first term apprentice is 28 years old. Thankfully, things are beginning to change as the industry gravitates towards more of an online presence through job search apps, and works hard to create additional entry-level employment opportunities.

Recently, the industry has lunched apps to better meet the current and future skilled worker shortage. Christman Constructors developed an app that brings “job-placement logistics into the 21st century;” Tradeworthy Jobs is a digital start-up that seeks to better connect trades people with companies looking for talent; and Construction Careers Foundation, out of Minnesota, developed a mobile app aimed at connecting recent high school graduates with jobs and apprenticeships. These new initiatives still need to be proven, but it is a step the construction industry has struggled to master, leaving the industry behind other sectors.

Additionally, more and more construction-focused job boards are starting to pop-up. Build-Oregon launched one about two years ago, and you can find several other through a quick Google search. Unfortunately, companies are posting middle-management positions, and not entry-level positions geared towards recent graduates. Hopefully the gap can continue to close as new job-placement technologies are disseminated across the industry. As the industry plays digital catch-up, one tried and true method is knocking on doors with a resume. If you cannot find the job online, there is a good chance it exists; one just needs a little ambition and addresses of construction companies.

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