Helping guide construction careers

Educators play a key role in helping young adults choose a career in the construction trades. We’ve put together resources that we hope you’ll find helpful.

The Educator Externship program

The Educator Externship program is a two-week summer experience, where educators can gain hands-on learning experiences about many of the various careers available in the construction industry. Educators visit multiple construction company offices and jobsites to better understand the skills and competencies needed to perform occupations in the skilled trades, professional, and administrative arenas. Educators are required to complete informational interviews, maintain a reflective journal, and develop at least one lesson plan.

For more information, please visit the Willamette Education Service District.


    The construction industry and its many partners offer a wide range of support for construction training and education. See what scholarships are available to the young people in your life.

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    Volunteer opportunities

    Looking for ways to develop your skills and build your construction resume? Consider giving back to the community by volunteering at these impactful organizations.


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    Even more resources

    Build Oregon is just the beginning when it comes to resources to find your path in the construction industry. Check out these sites for even more help.


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