The interview process for an apprenticeship is no different than a full-time job. There’s an application to complete, an interview period and a decision made. You should show up on time, prepare to discuss your background and bring a positive attitude. However, there are a few key components that can set you apart from the rest. We connected with Rogue Community College and Advanced American Construction to discuss how to ace your apprenticeship interview.

Here’s what we learned:

Research. If you’re new to the industry or unfamiliar with the role you’re applying for, make sure to research it ahead of time. For instance, interviewers will always ask, “can you tell me what a pile driver does?” It’s essential to have a general understanding of the position and its function. While you’re researching, you might as well educate yourself on the company too!

Résumé. Oftentimes your résumé is the only material an interviewer has to reference, so it’s key to include all of your work history in a succinct and organized layout. If you took a hiatus for any reason, address that head on with your interviewer. It’s better to be open and transparent. Additionally, it’s okay if you don’t have the proper work history for the role. Be prepared to share an example of how prior experience will transfer well.

Certifications. It’s not required, but various certifications will give you a leg up on your competition, including: a commercial driver’s license, CPR and OSHA 30 certifications. Be sure to list out certifications on your résumé too. Alternatively, if you don’t get the job first time around, consider pursuing a certification or two to bulk up your application. LinkedIn Learning also offers a construction apprenticeship foundations course which is a great starting point to learn about the trades.

Internships or Pre-apprenticeships. Lastly, take advantage of internship or pre-apprenticeship programs. They offer great opportunities to test out a career in construction before fully committing and often times include scholarship options. At the end of the day, it has to be right for you!

To learn more about Rogue Community College’s apprenticeship offerings visit: For Advanced American visit:

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