If the gig economy isn’t your jam, employment with one of Oregon’s construction companies may be for you. The construction industry led the state’s employment sectors in 2017, growing 10.5 percent, according to the Portland Business Journal. Can you say “now hiring?”

And did we mention those jobs pay well? The National Bureau of Labor Statistics found that as of May 2017, Oregon construction workers made an average of $52,240 a year, and that’s before overtime and benefits.

You also may be surprised to learn about the variety of careers available in the construction industry. Generally, jobs in construction, fit into one of four categories: administrative and professional support, design and engineering, management and skilled trades. From accounting to welding, from safety director to stonemason, and dozens of jobs in between, there’s probably a career track that fits your skills and personality. Interested in being the boss someday? If you pay attention and work hard in this industry, it’s possible to run a company no matter where you start out your career.

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