Oregon is undergoing many exciting changes. Thanks to a strong economy and healthy construction environment, buildings are going up all over the state. But it isn’t all smooth sailing. A recent report by The Oregon Employment Department found that during the next 10 years, more than 30,000 manufacturing and construction jobs will be needed in Portland alone.

Local non-profit All Hands Raised hopes to address this growing problem before it gets too out of hand. That’s why they recently hosted their third annual Industry for a Day event, which is specifically designed to expose educators to the career opportunities that can be found in the building and skilled trades. Too often, educators are unfamiliar with the benefits of working in the construction industry; Industry for a Day wants to change that.

In today’s high-tech society, jobs that require manual labor are often considered difficult or “dirty”. Traditionally, middle and high school students are encouraged to pursue a college degree, but higher education isn’t for everyone. Some individuals just aren’t cut out for school and would prefer to use their hands and job knowledge to make a name for themselves. Considering that many professions within the construction pay up to six-figures, it’s important that educators encourage this pursuit.

Thankfully, with the help of All Hands Raised and other local organizations, that’s starting to happen. To learn more about Industry for a Day, visit DJC Oregon.

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