Skilled Trade

Flooring installer

 Average Hourly Wage


What You Need

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • 8,000 OJT Hours
  • 576 Related training hours

Job description

Flooring installers install, replace and repair all types of carpets, plastic laminates, and other decorative coverings in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. Floorcoverers use manual and power tools to measure, hammer, cut and shear, spread and stretch, and prepare floors.

Working Conditions

Most work is inside with occasional outside work when weather conditions are suitable. Work sites range from clean to dirty. The job requires stooping, kneeling, reaching, stretching and heavy lifting for long periods.

Minimum Qualifications

Apprenticeship applicants must be at least 17 years of age. Local apprenticeship committees may require additional qualifications.


Beginning apprentices start at approximately 60 percent of the journey-level wage. Upon successful completion of required related class work and on-the-job hours, wages increase periodically until the journey-level rate is reached.

Length of Apprenticeship

This is a time-based apprenticeship standard. The term of this standard of apprenticeship shall be 8,000 hours of employment.

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