Skilled Trade

Flagger/Traffic Control

 Average Wage


What You Need

  • Highschool Diploma or GED

Job description

Highway flaggers direct and control traffic at roadside construction sites. Their role is to slow traffic down to keep both drivers and construction crews safe. A flagger must work on both ends of the construction project for the duration of the project. It's an essential job for any road project.

Controls movement of vehicular traffic through construction projects. Discusses traffic routing plans, and type and location of control points with superior. Distributes traffic control signs and markers along site in designated pattern. Directs movement of traffic through site, using sign, hand, and flag signals. Warns construction workers when approaching vehicle fails to heed signals to prevent accident and injury to workers. Informs drivers of detour routes through construction sites. Records license number of traffic control violators for police. May give hand marker to last driver in line up of one-way traffic for flagger at opposite end of site, signaling clearance for reverse flow of traffic.

Working conditions

The flagger must stand for long periods of time, walks on forest roads, and can perform a variety of traffic control assignments—such as stopping, directing and allowing vehicles to proceed, as determined to be safe. Job is usually project-based, and may be seasonal. Flagger’s job may involve walking on rough surfaces, holding signs, and frequent radio communication. May work on an hourly basis. Communicates continuously with other crew members about work progress and safety. Requires all-weather clothing.


Minimum high school diploma or general education degree (GED) required. Previous related experience in construction field is preferred. You may have to take a certification course to become a construction flagger, and carry a certified construction flagger card.

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