AGC Launches Administrator Externship

AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter has partnered with Willamette Education Service District on an Educator Externship for the past four years. The success of that program prompted an additional externship for school administrators.  The eight-day educator program was condensed into four days, and spread out one day a week for four months. The days included a general contractor and back office day, a heavy highway/safety/and community college day, a university day, and a day learning about open and union apprenticeships.

The group of administrators included school principals, vice principals, a  Career & Technical Education (CTE) director, a school board member, and two Oregon Connections Academy administrators.  During the apprenticeship day, the group was hosted by Central Electric Training Center in Tangent. Several union trades were represented on a panel that informed the group of the application process and how students could prepare themselves in advance of application, and then they toured the training center. Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner Val Hoyle had an open forum discussion about needs and desires for training programs.

After lunch, the participants visited the Independent Electrical Training Center in Salem, where they got another tour, an overview of the open shop’s programs, and learned of the difference between entering union and non-union electrical training programs. The administrators commented that this day focused on entering apprenticeships was a very valuable and informative day.

If you are a teacher or administrator that would like to participate in the Externship program, please visit the WESD Educator Externship site.

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In 4 All Visits Bridgeport Elementary

As early as third grade, students who are historically underserved are learning that math and science aren’t for them. This sets them on a path toward eventually leaving school without a plan for their future. In4All’s STEM Connect program changes that narrative. The program engages fourth and fifth graders in learning experiences that increase their interest and change their mindset about math and science. The program creates a close relationship between a company and a local school that has a disproportionate number of students who are historically underserved.

The In4All team sets up the partnership, helps define the activities, trains volunteers, attends classroom sessions, and follows up to evaluate the experience. When business volunteers come into the classroom, they lead a hands-on learning activity related to their industry showing how they use math and science in their jobs. Not only do volunteers have a great time being an “educator for the day” four times a year, but they play an important role in engaging students to imagine new possibilities for themselves.

When Materials Testing & Inspection and NW Engineering Services Inc. volunteers visited Bridgeport Elementary for the first time in January, they entered two different fourth grade classrooms to teach a lesson on rapid design prototyping. Students were tasked with working together in small groups to brainstorm different ways to construct a paper/cardstock bridge that could support the most weight. The winning group was able to hold all 160 marbles! The students will be applying their knowledge and experience of rapid design prototyping when the volunteers return to their classroom next time to teach about kinetic and potential energy by doing In4All’s Marbles in Motion activity.

To learn more about In4All, how to get their programs in your school, or if you’re interested in volunteering, please visit their website.

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