There are many different avenues into construction, depending on your skills, your education, and how much time you want to spend in a classroom. Oregon’s apprenticeship programs, technical or community colleges, and universities offer a variety of programs and all types of curriculum. You can receive degrees, diplomas, or certification in all aspects of the construction industry. The right program is waiting for you! 

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Construction has a ton of great opportunities with apprenticeships, in which a worker is mentored for several years by an experienced craftsperson.

Earn while you learn: the apprentice gets paid on a graduated scale as his or her skill and experience increase, and of course learns a trade at the same time. Consider this: the average Oregon college student owes nearly $27,000 when they graduate. Apprentices emerge from their programs with little to no debt. Annual classroom tuition for apprenticeship is less than $1,000, and is often paid for by the company training the apprentice. We think it’s one of the best deals out there.

Watch this short video about Apprenticeship and the Trades. 

Apprenticeship is the first step toward preparing yourself for a lifetime career. It requires commitment and dedication, but there are numerous benefits: Being part of a highly skilled and respected workforce. A career that offers a competitive pay package, good health benefits, and a solid retirement plan. 

You should choose your trade carefully; it should be the right fit and something you would enjoy doing. There are over 40 different construction trades in Oregon that offer a variety of apprenticeship and career opportunities...check them out!

This short video from Willamette Promise and NW College of Construction provides some great advice on how to get started in an apprenticeship program.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

In addition to community colleges, many organizations in Oregon help workers develop the skills needed to compete more effectively in today’s job market by offering pre-apprenticeship classroom instruction. Pre-apprenticeship programs are offered through the State Department of Education, local school districts, and various non-profit organizations. Examples of subject matter taught through pre-apprenticeship programs include:

  • Advanced mathematics
  • Basic and advanced electronics
  • Theory
  • Classroom experience with industry machinery and equipment.

For a list of youth and Oregon certified pre-apprenticeship programs click here.

Career Schools

Private career school programs provide opportunities for students who have a very specific career focus. Students beyond high school who enroll in private career schools should feel confident that they will receive the preparation they need for productive careers.

One–Two Year Community College Programs and Technical Certifications

Construction Trades General Apprenticeship

Partnerships between apprenticeship programs and community colleges in Oregon help augment the skills of Oregon’s workers while improving their prospects of finding rewarding long-term careers. Most apprenticeship programs now provide apprentices with the opportunity to earn college credits for completed academic courses and on-the-job training. College instruction can lead to an AA degree in the apprentice’s chosen career.

Building Construction Technology

Building Inspection Technology (new in 2016-17!)

Construction/Civil/Architectural Engineering Technology

Four Year College/University Degrees

Construction Engineering Management

Civil and Environmmental Engineering

Architecture and Allied Arts